Alaska Anchorage renames team awards to honor past Seawolves players

Alaska Anchorage announced Thursday that the annual hockey team awards have been renamed to honor past Seawolves.

The renaming was voted on by current alumni members of Seawolf hockey.

“It is important that our current and future Seawolves recognize the legacy left behind by the players that came before them,” said UAA head coach Matt Thomas in a statement. “From Craig Homan, our first MVP, to Justin Johnson, a four-year Cornerman Award honoree, these athletes have aided our program with great distinction and serve as examples to strive for. It is only fitting that we make these honors permanent.”

Of the 10 team awards, six have been renamed.

Come April 28 at the annual all-sport awards banquet, current members of the team will receive the following honors: the Craig Homan Most Valuable Player Award, the Dean Larson Rookie of the Year Award, the Jeff Batters Defensive Player of Year Award, the McEnaney/Kraft Most Inspirational Player Award, the Justin Johnson Corner Man Award and the Mike Peluso Most Improved Player Award.

Additionally, the Seawolves hand out four more team awards each season – the Jack Petersen Student Athlete Award, the Leon Thompson Fan Favorite Award, Humanitarian Award and the Coaches Award.



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