Weekend picks: Nov. 30

Nicole gained two more games back on me, thanks to picking Cornell and Merrimack. last week, I went 14-9-5, while Nicole was 16-7-5. On the year, I am 154-56-34, while Nicole is 148-62-34. We only have a few more weekends till the break. Let’s see if I can rebuild me lead further.

Thursday/Saturday, Nov. 30, Dec. 1

No. 8 St. Lawrence vs No. 4 Clarkson (home-and-home)
Candace: Clarkson has owned its North Country rival of late, so that’s who I’m going with. Clarkson 3-2, 4-2
Nicole: I don’t see any other option than picking a split with each home team winning. Clarkson 3-2, St. Lawrence 4-3.

Friday, Dec. 1

Rensselaer at Brown
Candace: RPI got a big win against Mercyhurst last weekend. Rensselaer 3-1
Nicole: RPI should take this one. Rensselaer 2-0

Princeton at Dartmouth
Candace: The Tigers are really missing Jeff Kampersal. Princeton 3-2
Nicole: The Tigers prevail. Princeton 4-1

Quinnipiac at Harvard
Candace: Something tells me the Crimson are starting to gain consistency since losing to Holy Cross. Harvard 3-2
Nicole: The Bobcats have been impressive of late. Quinnipiac 4-2

Union at Yale
Candace: Eh, I’m going home ice. Yale 3-2
Nicole: I’m picking the Dutchwomen. Union 3-2

Friday/Saturday, Dec. 1-2

No. 3 Colgate vs No. 7 Cornell (home-and-home)
Candace: A big series, but I have to think Colgate has to much firepower. Colgate 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: As with the Clarkson/St. Lawrence season, these two are too evenly matched for me to do anything but pick a split with the home teams winning. Cornell 4-2, Colgate 3-1

Penn State at RIT
Candace: Penn State is bound to some results. This weekend is as good as any other for it to happen. Penn State 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: I’ll take Penn State in game one and RIT in game two. Penn State 2-0, RIT 1-0

Mercyhurst at No. 9 Robert Morris
Candace: Look for the Colonials to come out and prove they are the team in the CHA. Robert Morris 3-2, 4-1
Nicole: This should be all RMU. They sweep. Robert Morris 3-1, 4-2

Lindenwood at Syracuse
Candace: Lindenwood is better than in years past, but I like the home team to sweep. Syracuse 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: Apparently I think this is the weekend of splits. I’ll take Syracuse in game one, Lindenwood in game two. Syracuse 2-0, Lindenwood 3-2

St. Cloud State at No. 5 Ohio State
Candace: Ohio State gets another big sweep. Ohio State 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: Buckeyes sweep. Ohio State 3-1, 3-2

Bemidji State at No. 6 Minnesota
Candace: Historically, the Gophers struggle against Bemidji, but I like a Gophers sweep here. Minnesota 3-1, 3-2
Nicole: I like the more settled Gophers at home here. They sweep. Minnesota 5-3, 4-2

Minnesota Duluth at No. 1 Wisconsin
Candace: It won’t be easy, but I like Wisconsin to come up with a big conference sweep. Wisconsin 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: UMD showed well out east last week, but I think you have to take the Badgers at home to sweep. Wisconsin 3-1, 5-3

Saturday, Dec. 2

Union at Brown
Candace: A tough one to call, but Union has shown a little more consistency. Union 2-1
Nicole: I’m predicting a two-win weekend for Union. They take this one. Union 2-1

Quinnipiac at Dartmouth
Candace: I like what I’ve seen from the Bobcats of late. Quinnipiac 3-1
Nicole: Quinnipiac wins. Quinnipiac 4-1

Princeton at Harvard
Candace: Maybe I’m reading too much into Harvard’s win over UNH and Princeton getting swept by Merrimack. Harvard 3-2
Nicole: This should be all Tigers. Princeton 3-0

Rensselaer at Yale
Candace: These two tied in October at RPi. A tough series to call. Home ice gets the nod. Yale 3-2
Nicole: Yale should take this one at home. Yale 4-2

No. 2 Boston College at Boston University
Candace: The Eagles could become even more dominant if they’d stop letting in so many goals. Boston College 5-3
Nicole: I’m picking a close one here with BU hosting. Boston College 5-4

Connecticut at No. 10 Providence
Candace: Look for Providence to get back on track. Providence 3-2
Nicole: Providence should take this easily at home, but I expect the Huskies to give them a fight. Providence 4-2

Saturday/Sunday, Dec. 2-3

Vermont at Maine
Candace: Since beating Clarkson, Vermont is 0-4-1. Fun fact: neither team is particularly good in first games of series. Maine 3-2, Vermont 3-2
Nicole: Vermont just seems to have a way to pick away at everyone. I’ll pick a split. Maine 4-2, Vermont 2-1

Sunday, Dec. 3

New Hampshire at Northeastern
Candace: The Huskies returned to Earth against BC, but I like them here. Northeastern 3-2
Nicole: Northeastern is hosting and looking to bounce back from their loss to BC. I’ll take them. Northeastern 3-1

Tuesday, Dec. 5

No. 4 Clarkson at Syracuse
Candace: Look for Clarkson to keep rolling. Clarkson 4-2
Nicole: The Golden Knights should have this handily. Clarkson 5-1

Wednesday, Dec. 6

Harvard at Dartmouth
Candace: I just don’t see Dartmouth as a good enough team right now. Harvard 3-2
Nicole: Harvard should win this one. Harvard 2-1


  1. Every week you pick a split with MIch Tech amd their opponents and MTU keeps sweeping the weekend. Last weekend was the exception we at least Tied with MInn State on their ice. Tech easily beat Northern tonight and expect more of the same tomorrow. Lets go Tech!

    • .
      Just making a comment…

      It may be to Northern’s advantage to “lose” the game tonite; if I were a NMU fan, I would rather play BG then Bemidji. It is still all dependent on the Ferris game however.

      But just a note…

  2. Bemidji just beat Minnesota state 5-2. Same results tomorrow for Mich Tech and Bemidgi and Mich Tech wins the Division. It could happen!

  3. .
    As of Saturday morning:

    MSU -vs- UAH/LSSU
    MTU -vs- UAH/LSSU
    BGSU -vs- NMU/FSU
    BSU -vs- NMU/FSU

    And in a way, to be fair to Fairbanks, I am glad that Anchorage was the team left out this year. Seemed to work out…

    I think MTU rather play UAH and NMU rather play BGSU.

  4. Alabama drags this whole conference down. I dont know why my school hired Corbett. He is a horrible recruiter and coach. Its time to either stop operations or hire a real coach. A guy who knows how to build to build a program like bergeron at BGSU. Corbett is an idiot. He is embarasing


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