If you caught the latest episode of CSI, you know that Gill Grissom is taking a sabbatical to teach at Williams College. Maybe while he’s there he can do some sleuthing and figure out just what the heck happened in various D-III rinks in New England/New York on Friday.

Riddle me these:

  • Skidmore 4, Middlebury 2
  • Conn College 4, Norwich 3
  • St. Anselm 3, Bowdoin 2
  • New England 2, Colby 1
  • Babson 10, Amherst 1
  • Neumann 7, Utica 1

I think Gill would conclude that parity is here – especially since almost all of those teams that won on Friday lost on Saturday. For instance, Utica came back the next night to defeat Neumann. NEC had a nice weekend, rebounding from a tough pair of games in Oswego the week before.

It used to be that the top D-III teams had at least 15 games a season where they could just show up and win. No more.


  1. Hi Paula!

    I enjoy your articles.  I’m actually ambivalent about the shootout.  Yes, it’s an exciting way to determine winners and losers after overtimes, but if it went away, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, either.  As for what I want Santa to bring my team, I have three things … a nice run in the NCAA Tournament, more stellar recruiting classes, and better fan support!


  2. OSU is clearly overrated.  Miami dominated them all weekend.  It took a sketchy call from an official for the OSU victory Saturday night.

  3. Shootouts are for the fans more than the teams.  That said, my WMU Broncos have benefited greatly of the ties and Shoot-out wins over the past 1 1/2 seasons. 

    I’m guessing a Fan Survey would result in a WIN for the Shoot-out.  We’ll see what the NCHC does with it, but my $$$ is on the shoot-out.

  4. I’m not sure Wisconsin’s best chance against Minnesota this weekend would be in a shootout. The Badgers are 9-3-0 in their last 12, but 1-3 in games when they give up 4 or more goals. The Gophers have more speed than the Badgers and are very comfortable in an up-tempo game, especially at home. When the Badgers swept Ohio State, it was in two low scoring games.

    Should be a great series! Wisconsin is definitely back.

    • No one is slithering anywhere. Sorry, I had better things to do on a 4 day weekend than continue to rent space in your empty skull.


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