And So It Goes

Another Frozen Four concludes, and another college hockey season comes to an end. It’s been a blast for me to cover Atlantic Hockey and do a national D-III blog this season, and it’s been a real pleasure and privilege to do the Frozen Four Blog this week. Hopefully, it’s given you a flavor of what things were like here in St. Louis.

ncaa_ff_2008.jpgEnjoy the off-season, and we’ll see you next October…and eventually in Denver.


  1. MSU playing in MQT? No, no, no… Houghton folks, Michigan Tech is in Houghton. Yeah, the birthplace of professional hockey. Go Tech.

  2. MSU has probably in Marquette more recently than 1984 since they were in the same conference with Northern n all. A trip to Houghton though? That’s another story


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