Follow-Up: Trolley Operator in BC Crash Suspended

The Boston trolley operator at the wheel in a trolley-car crash involving three Boston College players in April has been suspended indefinitely as a result of the incident, the Boston Globe reported.

The newspaper also reported that Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials were pursuing perjury charges against Edwin Dieujuste, the operator, for testimony he gave in a hearing about the crash.

The report paints a different picture than what was originally put forth after the April 24 crash.

Goaltender Parker Milner and defenseman Philip Samuelsson and Patrick Wey faced charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol following the crash, reported at the time.

The three were reported to be among seven in a Jeep Cherokee in Brighton, Mass. The trolley operator reported that the car’s driver, 19-year-old Jane Stanton, pulled in front of the trolley and tried to make a U-turn, causing the collision.

Now, the Globe reported, investigators say the operator was driving 35 mph at the time of the crash. The speed limit at the scene for trolleys is 10 mph.

Still, all of the occupants of the Jeep were held accountable for a $500 open container violation, the newspaper reported.

“The student athletes are not blameless,” Boston College spokesperson Jack Dunn told the Globe. “While we’re pleased to hear that their account appears to be validated by the investigation, they still face university sanctions for underage drinking.”

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