Podcast of USCHO Live! Episode 1 with Jerry York, John Powers is now available

The Oct. 18 premiere episode of USCHO Live! with hosts Jim Connelly and Ed Trefzger featured a conversation with Boston College coach Jerry York about his career, past BC players in the NHL, this year’s team and the changes in college hockey’s landscape, followed by a look at all of the upcoming conference upheaval with Boston Globe writer John Powers.

You may listen through the embedded player on this page (click through if you are reading this via RSS) or you may subscribe to the podcast by clicking the iTunes or RSS links in the player.


  1. According to your numbers, the ECAC was second best at .681, not third best, as you reported. Was this a typo on your part? Did the ECAC have the second best non-conference record this far?

  2. Was going to comment on the same thing. According to the numbers in this article, the ECAC had the second best winning percentage.

  3. I love the picture of the North Dakota player throwing an elbow to the head. It’s perfect! We even have a player from North Dakota this year. Things are looking good.

    • correction, we have 3 whole players from North Dakota! and a firey assistant captain! I still think we are a year away but that team next year is going to be insane


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