Hockey East Picks – Feb. 9 – 13

Did someone actually say “bet the ranch” when predicting yet another Boston University Beanpot win over Northeastern?

Well, that was hyperbole, you see.  Officially, USCHO deplores all forms of gambling.  (Except, of course, when Jim and I play poker. That isn’t gambling.  That’s separating fools from their money.)

As for how the two of us did last week, we again took it on the chin.  This league has become impossible to pick well on a consistent basis. Each week, we get a reminder of Hockey East’s top-to-bottom strength.

Dave last week: 3-5-1
Jim last week: 3-5-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 88-55-16
Jim’s record-to-date: 81-62-16

Note: These picks reflect the updated schedule due to the cancelations associated with the blizzard.

Here are this week’s picks:

Saturday, Feb. 9

Maine at Vermont
Dave’s pick: Here’s another pivotal game in the race for the playoffs. I’ve made no secret that I like Maine’s chances better than Vermont’s.  If the Catamounts are going to prove me wrong, they’d better start here.
Maine 2, UVM 1
Jim’s pick: And I’m the first to believe that the Catamounts will do just that, Dave. Especially at home.
UVM 2, Maine 1

Sunday, Feb. 10
Providence at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: UNH bounces back from its home loss to Merrimack, but I’ll be surprised if this one isn’t neck-and-neck the whole way.
UNH 3, PC 2 (OT)
Jim’s pick: I like Providence’s chances here but don’t think I should go against UNH at home.
UNH 4, PC 3

Massachusetts at Merrimack
Dave’s pick: The Minutemen remain dangerous, but I’m predicting a fourth-straight win for the Warriors that gets them to within a point of first place.
MC 3, UMass 2
Jim’s pick: I agree with Dave. We have one heck of a great race for first. 
MC 2, UMass 1

Monday, Feb. 11

Boston University vs Harvard (Beanpot consolation)
Dave’s pick: Methinks BU remembers two years ago when it missed the NCAA tournament despite a 15-6-6 league record. The Terriers lost to Harvard in this same dreaded consolation game and got upset by the Huskies in the Hockey East quarterfinals. Between all that, their doom was sealed. Let’s see if it was a lesson learned.
BU 5, Harvard 1
Jim’s pick: BU understands how important this game is to the NCAA tournament race.
BU 4, Harvard 1

Northeastern vs Boston College (Beanpot championship)
Dave’s pick: What a story it’ll be if the Huskies can win their first Beanpot since 1988.  Arguably, that would be great for the tournament since the last time a team other than BC or BU won dates all the way back to 1993. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.
BC 3, NU 2
Jim’s pick: You could say that I’m picking different from Dave just to try to catch up. But I actually believe that NU is a destiny team in this year’s Beanpot.
NU 4, BC 3 (OT)

Wednesday, February 13

New Hampshire at Providence
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats earn a very tough sweep to climb within a point of BC and first place.
UNH 4, PC 2
Jim’s pick: Providence grabs the much-needed victory at home.
PC 3, UNH 2