Women’s D-I picks: Oct. 11

Well, after one week, I am already in the hole to Arlan in the our annual picks race. Last year, I had to make a strong second half comeback to win; hopefully, with some picks this week, I can catch up. Last week, I went 9-5-1 (.633), while Arlan went 10-4-1 (.700). We’ve got some intriguing matchups, so on to the picks.

Friday, Oct. 11

Northeastern at Union
Candace: I was really surprised that the Huskies fell to Syracuse last week. If they go down to Union, it could shape up to be a long campaign for Northeastern. Northeastern 3-1
Arlan: Union has already demonstrated a big variance from game to game; the Huskies vary from period to period. Northeastern 3-1

Boston University at Rensselaer
Candace: RPI looked good last week, and is at home, but I can’t pick against the Terriers just yet. Boston University 3-1
Arlan: RPI has shown improvement already; BU is a complete mystery, so Sperry may need to win this one. Boston University 2-1

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 11-12

St. Lawrence at Boston College
Candace: St. Lawrence going down to Clarkson is a big reason Arlan has a lead on me already. BC is at home, and even with Alex Carpenter off at the Olympics, I expect the Eagles have enough for a sweep. Boston College 4-3, 4-2
Arlan: SLU started with a rugged schedule last season as well, making a mess of its early win-loss record. Boston College 4-2, 3-1

Clarkson vs. Syracuse
Candace: Syracuse surprised me last week in knocking off Northeastern, but Clarkson is looking like one of the best teams in the country right now. Clarkson 5-1, 4-2
Arlan: The Orange look legitimate, but the Golden Knights are the safest bet playing right now. Clarkson 5-3, 2-0

St. Cloud State at Ohio State
Candace: Ohio State was another surprise in beating Mercyhurst on the road last week. Could it be a harbinger of better things in Ohio? Ohio State 4-2, 4-1
Arlan: I expect both the Huskies and Buckeyes to be in a lot of close games this season. Ohio State 2-1, 3-2

Wisconsin at Minnesota
Candace: Wisconsin looked good last week, especially with Brittany Ammerman back, and has the better goalie. Someone is bound to end Minnesota’s streak this year. If this series was in Madison, I’d probably pick differently. Minnesota 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: I’d answer, “Yes,” if the question was, “Will Wisconsin end the winning streak?” Minnesota 2-1, 3-2

Robert Morris at Bemidji State
Candace: Robert Morris didn’t look particularly inspiring last week at home. Now they are on the road. Which Colonials team shows up? Bemidji State 3-2, 3-1
Arlan: An attempt at predicting an RMU split last week resulted in an 0-for; grudgingly, I’ll try again. Bemidji State 2-1, Robert Morris 3-0

Saturday, Oct. 12

Boston University at Union
Candace: Look for Boston University to start the year 2-0. Boston University 5-1
Arlan: If Union wins here, then we know it will be a different season for the Dutchwomen. Boston University 4-0

Northeastern at Rensselaer
Candace: It might say something that a player who didn’t have a point in 12 games last year, and only had one point in 30 games entering this season, leads Northeastern in scoring. I’ll go with home ice. Rensselaer 4-2
Arlan: I had no idea, so I asked Siri and was told, “Sorry, Arlan, I don’t know the answer to that one,” but she did find me a link to an RPI game from 2009. That was helpful. Rensselaer 3-2

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 12-13

Mercyhurst at Providence
Candace: The Friars looked iffy last week, and the Lakers have been playing better teams to date. The Lakers swept last year and I got burned picking a split in that series, so I’ll go with them, even if they are on the road. Mercyhurst 4-2, 4-3
Arlan: The Lakers are usually good in must-win games, and after two losses where they were the favorite, they must win at Providence. Mercyhurst 2-1, 5-4

Minnesota-Duluth at North Dakota
Candace: I thought I’d be able to pick against North Dakota more this year since they are without the Lamoureux sisters, but I think they have offense, and while Minnesota-Duluth looked good last weekend, it was against Connecticut, and I can’t bring myself to see that as an indication the Bulldogs are back in the upper echelon. North Dakota 4-2, 5-2
Arlan: Blowouts or sweeps either way, splits, ties — nothing would be a surprise in this series. North Dakota 6-5, 1-0