NCHC pick: Oct. 12

There’s one game involving an NCHC team this Sunday in the Icebreaker tournament.

Sunday, Oct. 12

Minnesota-Duluth vs Notre Dame
Candace: Minnesota-Duluth gave top-ranked Minnesota all it could handle in the first game of the tournament. Maybe playing their home state rival previously will lift the Bulldogs. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2
Matthew: I really didn’t see Rensselear beating Notre Dame in South Bend, and it’s not great news for UMD that that’s what happened. Fighting Irish coach Jeff Jackson said after his team’s game with RPI on Friday that this season will be a work in progress, which could be designed to tone down expectations, but I think they’ll enough progress against the Bulldogs to win. Notre Dame 4-2


  1. Yale 5-4? Really? I’m a Cornell grad and I think we’re gonna get killed. If Yale scores first and early it could easily turn into rout. See Cornell’s last two games again UNH.

    • In hindsight i’d say you must be a pessimist. A true lynah faithful wouldn’t be so “realistic,” and a true lynah faithful would be there to see cornell put up a great fight tonight, suffering an unfortunate 4-2 with an empty netter. Yale may be the better team, but c’mon, give the red some credit.

  2. Yale is having a great year, but it doesn’t matter how your team is doing: a trip to Lynah is a major challenge for any visitor (and I am a Yalie). I attended the Yale/ Cornell game at Lynah last year and was amazed at the energy of the fans and the great hockey atmosphere. For Yale this past weekend, it was going to be tough no matter what and luckily they got the win. But my respect for Big Red hockey is always intact, and especially when they are playing at home.

  3. RE: Sioux/Goofers
    Brawl! Brawl???? Horse hockey!!! It was just a dance. Pushing. Shoving. Talking. Foxtrot and twist. Groping. Definitely not a brawl. You obviously weren’t around when Archie and gang got going. Not a brawl. Not even close.

  4. Time to fire Jamie Russell Michigan Tech’s Coach, He is an embarrassment and this is our worst record ever. I spend about $3,000 a year as a sponsor in advertising and have a pair of season tickets. I will cancel both at the end of this year if he is not fired. We are an MTU Family, my dad, myself, 2 daughters and both of their husbands are Tech Alumni and we will not give another dime to MTU until Division 1 Hockey is the PRIORITY. Fire the Althetic Director, she is useless – she is more concerned about Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and now Soccer than a DIVISION 1 MENS HOCKEY PROGRAM.


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