St. Cloud State’s Papa shelved after offseason hip surgery

According to a recent St. Cloud Times report, St. Cloud State sophomore forward Ryan Papa will be out of the Huskies’ lineup until January 2015 after offseason hip surgery.

Papa had torn labrums in both hips and played in pain last season.

“The whole year, there was pretty consistent pain and not fun to play with, but I had to play through it,” said Papa in the article, who added that the pain started with a groin pull the season before he got to St. Cloud State. “All year, we were trying new [treatments] to try to get into a routine that worked the best as far as limiting the pain. The season ended and we thought rest would help it, but it didn’t really get any better with rest.”

He had surgery on his left hip July 22 and then on his right hip Aug. 28.

“Having it done so late in the summer where I’d already miss over half the season, might as well get them both done,” added Papa. “The doctors suggested that. They said that you rehab better if you do both of them at the same time. Most people who have one [hip surgery], end up having them both done. They thought it would be better to get it taken care of all at once rather than missing another part of another season.

“You’ve got to take the positive out of it and think that I’m going to come back stronger and hopefully, a better player when all of this is over.”



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