NCHC picks: March 21

Well, my hunch worked yesterday, as I went 2-0 (1.000), while Matthew went 1-1 (.500). On the year, I am 119-55-14 (.670), while Matthew is 112-62-14 (.632).

Let’s see how we do on the final weekend of the year.

Saturday, March 21

North Dakota vs. Denver
Candace: Neither team has lost two games on a weekend this season, but I think North Dakota will take this in a tight battle. North Dakota 3-2
Matthew: DU was underwhelming in places on Friday, and I wonder if the Pioneers will be going full-throttle in a third-place game with not a ton to play for. North Dakota 4-2

Miami vs. St. Cloud State
Candace: Miami came up short in this game last year; something tells me the RedHawks take it this year. Miami 4-2
Matthew: I had a hunch going into the weekend that the Miami-DU semifinal winner would win tonight, too. I’m sticking to that. Miami 3-1