NCHC picks: March 21

Well, my hunch worked yesterday, as I went 2-0 (1.000), while Matthew went 1-1 (.500). On the year, I am 119-55-14 (.670), while Matthew is 112-62-14 (.632).

Let’s see how we do on the final weekend of the year.

Saturday, March 21

North Dakota vs. Denver
Candace: Neither team has lost two games on a weekend this season, but I think North Dakota will take this in a tight battle. North Dakota 3-2
Matthew: DU was underwhelming in places on Friday, and I wonder if the Pioneers will be going full-throttle in a third-place game with not a ton to play for. North Dakota 4-2

Miami vs. St. Cloud State
Candace: Miami came up short in this game last year; something tells me the RedHawks take it this year. Miami 4-2
Matthew: I had a hunch going into the weekend that the Miami-DU semifinal winner would win tonight, too. I’m sticking to that. Miami 3-1


  1. Agree on UND-DU, but disagree on Miami-St. Cloud. Miami will stay in 2nd band, win or lose. St. Cloud still has something to play for, moving up to the 2nd band. According to Pairwise Predictor, with a win they would be in t6 with DU and Miami. With RPI, order of t6 would be DU, Miami, St. Cloud. I’m sure both DU-UND would just as soon not play this irrelevant game, rankings will not change enough to matter. UND will be #1 seed and DU will be #2 seed in Fargo Regional. Really doesn’t matter who DU plays in Regional if they continue to give up 11 odd-man rushes leading to all 5 goals last night, they will be one-and-done.

    • Best thing that could happen today: wins by the Sioux, Miami, Mich Tech, Michigan, Umass-Lowell, and Colgate (the atlantic hockey conference winner doesnt matter) would leave the rodents in the 15 spot and out on the golf course tomorrow. The last two spots would come from outside the top 16. That would be hilarious for what goopher fans call the “best” team.

      Slight chance that DU can move up to a #1 seed, if the right things fall in place, but I’m pretty sure they are locked into a 2 spot.

      • Only way for #1 seed is DU win, St. Cloud win and Minnesota State win. Sioux and Mich Tech win irrelevant in keeping Gophers out. Umass-Lowell and Michigan win would do the trick.

        • Not sure how you are getting MN out with just Umass and Michigan winning. If Harvard, St. Cloud, and Mankato win, it would put the goophs in the last at large spot.

          • Forgot about Harvard. Looks like Colgate and UMass-Lowell are the key that have to win in your scenario, and Michigan of course. I just checked and Denver isn’t getting the DU-UND game, according to Comcast menu. This really is horrendous, only televising the championship game here.

          • Which means paying about $25 just to watch on computer. No thanks. BTW, if you look at the schedule on this site it lists CBS as televising both games.

          • Why are you so fascinated with Minnesota hockey? You never have anycomments on North Deeeekota, just trolling the Gophers.

            Chockesing my chicken…

        • I did find a scenario where Mankato wins and the Sioux win and it puts the rodents in. But if the Sioux tie or lose, with a mankato win, knocks them out. Or a Sioux win and Tech win, puts them out as well.

          • Why are you so fascinated with Minnesota hockey? You never have any comments on North Deeekota, just trolling the Gophers.

            Chockesing my chicken…

      • Why are you so fascinated with Minnesota hockey? You never have any comments on North Deekota, just trolling the Gophers.

        Chockesing my chicken…

  2. Uh…Candace? “Candace: Denver looked really good last weekend against Minnesota-Duluth, while Miami struggled. This is a rematch of last year’s NCHC championship game, but I’m going with the Pioneers to win again. Denver 3-2”

    • Uh… Steve? What about what she said in untrue? Did Denver look good last week? YES Did Miami need 3 games to beat Western Michigan? YES You sound like a real coward.. Will you still be here if Miami loses tonight?

      • What Steve appears to be referring to is Candace’s statement at the top of this column “Well, my hunch worked yesterday, as I went 2-0 (1.000), while Matthew went 1-1 (.500).” If you go back to the March 20 picks, both Candace and Matthew picked Denver. That means Candace actually went 1-1 and Matthew actually went 0-2.

        • I took it the other way. He never stated anything about what she claimed about her record, only her picking DU over Miami and the reasons why. Everything he quoted about her statement was absolutely true.

          • Sorry for the confusion…what Bruce stated is what I meant. Candace picked Denver to win yesterday and then said she went 2-0.

          • All good. She was spot on with her analysis, just not the pick. Miami played its worst game of the year by far last weekend in game 2. Does this mean I’m no longer a “real coward” though? :)

          • Sounded like you were a Miami fan only “showing up” after they win. Obviously, I was wrong again. You are NOT a coward, real or fake. :-)


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