Source: Big Ten pulls proposal to limit delayed enrollment, wants more discussion

A Big Ten proposal to limit the age at which a hockey player can start a four-year collegiate career has been withdrawn, a source said Wednesday.

The proposed legislation, which was scheduled to face a vote this week, would have limited a player who started his college hockey career at age 21 to three seasons of eligibility.

The Big Ten pulled the proposal to allow for more discussion in the hockey community, a source said.

The issue caused a divide in college hockey, with a number of schools arguing against the proposal and others upset that it wasn’t brought up with the larger coaching body before it was submitted.

The Big Ten argued that delayed enrollment is “rarely a choice made by a student for academic purposes, but instead occurs at the direction of an institution for purely competitive reasons,” deputy commissioner Brad Traviolia wrote.

An NCAA legislation page showed that of 16 official comments registered by members last year, 13 were opposed and three others abstained.


  1. “More discussion in the hockey community,” means “we didn’t have the votes for this to pass, so we’re going to run off with our tails between our legs without admitting defeat.”

    • I’m against this rule all the way, but the B1G in the NCAA is a power conference and has the right to change the rules even though the other schools don’t like it, so it really has nothing to due with not having the votes. What I heard was the other teams were not going to play any of teams from the B1G in regular season or holiday tournaments

      • The proposed legislation “was scheduled to face a vote this week.” The B1G had every right to bring the proposal to a vote – I’m not disagreeing with that. But they didn’t have the votes for it to pass, so they pulled it instead of having it proven in a vote that they didn’t have the votes.

      • See, the big joke conference doesn’t care about hockey…..they are just trying to be relevant somehow.


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