Pickin’ the WCHA, Mar. 5-7

The final weekend of the season is upon us, and there are still key points on the line, along with home ice for the playoffs. What a way to close out the WCHA as we know it.

Michigan Tech at Minnesota State (Friday and Saturday)

Jack: The Huskies rallied well after being swept by Bemidji State Feb. 19-20, winning three straight and getting back into home ice contention. Now they need to beat the Mavericks to make sure they have it. The Mavericks aren’t playing for anything in particular, but two more wins won’t hurt them. I can see the Huskies getting a split, but not the sweep. Huskies win 3-2 Friday, Mavericks win 5-2 Saturday

Daver: The Mavericks have sown up the No. 1 seed, so they come into the weekend with nothing really to play for beyond pride. The Huskies have been storming back after their bump at home against Bemidji State, and they still have a shot at home ice if the Beavers stumble against Alabama Huntsville. Mavericks win 3-2 Friday, Huskies win 3-1 Saturday

Ferris State at Lake Superior (Saturday)

Jack: The Lakers’ 5-2 win against Bemidji State on Wednesday goes a long way towards helping the Lakers secure home ice for the playoffs. They now just need to beat the Bulldogs at home on Saturday and they will clinch. I don’t see any reason why they won’t. Lakers win 4-1

Daver: The Lakers can safely punch their ticket to a home playoff spot with a win over the Bulldogs. I feel sorry for the Bulldogs for having to face a team hungry to prove they belong in the upper echelon of the conference on the road. Lakers win 5-2

Alabama Huntsville at Bemidji State (Saturday and Sunday)

Jack: The Beavers had the chance to get up to second place in the WCHA if they had swept Lake State earlier this weekend, but now the best they can hope for is fourth — and they’ll need some help from Tech to do it. I expect the Beavers to keep their end of the bargain, although the Chargers will be eager to beat their rival Beavers in what could be their last meeting as conference opponents. Beavers sweep, 3-2, 5-3

Daver: The Chargers have battled hard all season and they are always tough to play against. However, given that they are the road team for this series, it is hard to pick them to throw a monkey wrench into the Beavers’ plans. I could see them taking one of two, but not the sweep. The Beavers need a pair of wins, or at least a little help from Michigan Tech to clinch, so it is up to them to prove they want it. Beavers win Friday 3-1, Chargers win Saturday 2-1