Atlantic Hockey Picks March 9-11

Final Regular Reason Record: 155-63-30 (.685)

 This Week’s Picks:
Atlantic Hockey Playoffs: Quarterfinals
Best of Three Series
Friday, March 2 – Sunday, March 4

No. 8 Connecticut at No. 1 Air Force – While I think the other three series are toss-ups, this one favors the 19th-ranked Falcons, who swept the Huskies during the regular season and are 17-2 all-time in AHA postseason play. If the Falcons can stay out of the penalty box and keep the league-best UConn power play off the ice, I think they’ll sweep. Air Force in two.

No. 7 Robert Morris at No. 2 Niagara – For the seniors on each squad this will their 20th, 21st and possibly 22nd game against each other. I think it will go three, low scoring games, echoing the teams’ games against each other this season (2-1, 2-1, 2-2). Niagara in three.

No. 6 Bentley at No. 3 Rochester Institute of Technology – The Tigers won a pair of close games (1-0, 2-1) at Bentley earlier in the season. RIT has never lost in the quarterfinal round, going 8-1 with all the games on home ice. I think this one is going three games as well, with the home team prevailing. RIT in three.

No. 5 Holy Cross at No. 4 Mercyhurst – These teams wound up tied in the standings but Holy Cross had to play last weekend due to a tie and overtime loss to the Lakers earlier in the season. Those games were close and these will be as well, but I’m picking the Crusaders to sweep. Holy Cross in two.


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    • you are a moron, the ignorance in your post shows it. A word of advice, check the polls; in fact check all the polls. (WCHA leads every conference in ability and votes, thus cannot be considered what you call “stinks”.

      • yeah, that was two and a half months ago, and if you actually watched the game you’ll know that the only reason umtc won was because of patterson….you are a real nimrod if you think the goofers are better than them now

          • Patterson gave up 8 goals that weekend. Really amazing. Sure you won and that really is all that matters. No college hockey fan can deny that the Friday night game that weekend proved that these are two GOOD teams. Too bad the two teams don’t meet again… especially with Reiter playing better after that weekend it would be great hockey.


          • When does your junior high begin classes again so we might read these boards without your constant drivel, dribbling and babble-fests?

          • You can yell all you want about how you swept UMD at home but an early October sweep of UMD isn’t going to matter much in March if your gophers keep splitting with unranked and bottom half WCHA teams. UMD will see you again in the Final Five… provided the gophers actually win a friday game.

          • A sweep is a sweep is a sweep.  If the dogs would nave swept the gophers, that is all we would have heard.  But guess what??  They didn’t and only time will tell.  You must have a crystal ball to see that the dogs and the gophers will meet in the final five, provided umd actually gets there.

      • What is with you and the stupid all capital letters? does that make you feel special or something? You sound like a real tough guy living in mommy’s basement.

        • There, is this better for you??  I must have struck a nerve.  You keep worrying about me living in your mom’s basement, you should be.  She and I get along real well. And your name really bothers me.  NOT!! hahahahahahahah

  1. Wow the WCHA must really be good at playing bad and have so many teams in the top 20 in the nation…Rambwildcat,,WCHA stinks this year..wake up..when it comes to the NCAA tourney mark my words there will be atleast one team in the Frozen Four if not more…

  2. I was there to fill the bowl and, believe me, there were 12,402 people in attendance, as fans stretched into the third balcony.  Great atmosphere.

    • Actually, it would have been the second balcony, as there is the main bowl, plus two levels above that.  But you get the point.  To get 12,402 fans, people had to be in all three levels of the Kohl Center.

  3. A great picture of the record crowd (I assume) on the women’s main page. I’ve never seen a crowd like that at a women’s hockey game and frankly, had a hard time imagining that size crowd, until now. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a much larger number of games everywhere got that kind of crowd.

  4. Really? You’re picking Conn over Minnesota? I know the Gophers aren’t as strong as the past few years, but…Really? Conn? Hey, it might happen. I just don’t know how you would predict that.

    • The way they’ve let teams hang around that are supposedly “bad” teams has happened all year. Yeah, I’d pick UConn as well.

      • Yeah, but you are ridiculous.
        The only team that could be considered “bad” that MN has lost to is Vermont. In the first game of the season.

        • Remember having to go to OT both nights against the 54th ranked team just a couple weeks ago? How about barely, and I mean barely, beating northeastern. Don’t be fooled by that 4-0 win in the first game. Much closer than that. Duluth is mediocre at 24th, swept by them.

  5. Michigan is down Werenski and Downing, their top d pairing for most of the season until they were split up after the Dartmouth series. Porikos is out also with Downing due to suspensions. If there is any goaltender that stands out in this tourney, their team wins it. If not, Michigan can outscore any of the other teams, but barely.

  6. Generally I agree with Drew and his assertions are usually spot on, however I honestly think his assessment of the Gophers is way off. I agree with the inconsistencies that have been evident, and frankly to be expected given what they lost in the offseason. However, the one step forward three steps back in inaccurate. Not sure how many Gopher games that Drew has seen this year but I have seen them all and the Gophers are light years ahead of where they were to begin the season. Still inconsistent, you bet, still many issues to sort out, you bet, but still way better. If you look at the first 5 games of the season, the Gophers scored 1 goal in the first three and 9 overall. The Vermont game to open the season, the Gophers did not have a legitimate scoring chance the entire night. The got totally outplayed by UMD and by Northeastern in the first game and though it was a 4-0 win for the Gophers, the only reason they won was because Shierhorn literally stood on his head. The next 5 games they outscore opponents 13-8 and beat #18 Notre Dame on the road and by all rights should have swept Minnesota State as they dominated them for 58 of the 60 minutes, but found a way to lose. The next 5 games they were outscored 26-20, but played two of the higher scoring teams in the nation in St. Cloud and Michigan and actually beat Michigan in the second game and while losing 3 of the 4 they were all close for a majority of the game. I have no illusion that they are going to be a contender this year, but they are playing better and I look for better things out of them the second half. To say that they are backsliding more than moving forward is just not accurate. Also the Gophers have not faired well in the Mariucci Classic recently and UConn did sweep Lowell and tie Merrimack, but 2 of the 3 of those were at home and they are 5-10 overall, I would say that the break came at the wrong time for them and that the Gophers will win that game. They are no longer a team that blows other teams out, but they should win that game.

  7. Y’all need to look at the ‘Fire Tom Anastos’ Thread going on in the Fan Forum right now. Paula and Drew, you should look at it too. Be interested in your thoughts.


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