Weekend picks: Nov. 10

Well, Matthew has caught me, so after one month in our picks race, we are back to square one. Last week, I went 4-3-1 (.600) while Matthew went 5-2-1. On the year, we are now both 34-18-7. Let’s see how we can do this week.

Friday-Saturday, Nov. 9-10

Omaha at Colorado College
Candace: These types of series will give me heartburn. This has to be a split. CC interestingly enough hasn’t won on Friday on the road, but hasn’t lost on Friday at home. Omaha is coming off an impressive series against Notre Dame. Omaha 4-3, Colorado College 3-2
Matthew: This could be a really tight series, and Omaha will be fresh off a bye week. I’ll take CC to win on Friday but I don’t see a sweep here. Colorado College 4-2, Omaha 5-2

No. 1 St. Cloud State at No. 3 Denver
Candace: I’m wondering whether DU can lose three in a row. The offense looked pretty good last week, but defensive letdowns could mean trouble against the best offense in the country. Expect two high-octane games. Denver 5-4, St. Cloud State 5-4
Matthew: Here’s the series we’ve all been looking forward to for a while. I think Denver bounces back after being swept last weekend, but two wins over the Huskies seems very unlikely. St. Cloud State 3-2, Denver 4-2

No. 18 Western Michigan at No. 12 Minnesota Duluth
Candace: Western doesn’t do well on the road, but this should be a split. Minnesota Duluth 4-3, Western Michigan 4-3
Matthew: Western’s on a roll right now but has yet to win on the road and Duluth is nobody’s idea of an easy out. Split. Minnesota Duluth 4-2, Western Michigan 4-2

Miami at No. 4 North Dakota
Candace: North Dakota looks like it is coming together after a couple of false starts. The games will be close, but I see a home team sweep. North Dakota 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: Miami’s put together back-to-back decent weekends, but Connecticut and CC aren’t at UND’s level and this is in Grand Forks. North Dakota 4-2, 4-2


  1. Got to be honest with you, not so
    amazed by the results this past weekend. UND did what it was supposed to and
    got points on each game. Wisconsin as I’ve been saying since preseason, are
    missing 2 big holes in the lineup Knight and Duggan. Not amazed with the
    outcome, but I still expect Mark Johnson to come up with a solution to at least
    get them back into the top 10.

    I finally had the chance to watch
    Clarkson and while their defense is strong, the do not have prodigies in their lineup
    that can take any of the top 3 teams. I called MSU being a big surprise this
    year since their first game with UW. They are trying to make a statement. As
    for Syracuse, I had never watched them play before so I didn’t know what to
    expect. I can tell you for sure they dominated both games even if they lost in
    OT on the first one; there was no question about that. Yale is one of those
    programs that no matter how many years it passes by they just don’t seem to grow;
    therefore RMU was certainly the favorite.

    Now let’s get real, that’s right!
    That’s what Cornell and BU got this weekend. What a thing of beauty. Like
    expected, it was a game played like a championship was in stake. Those two are
    so close in level that is hard to pick who goes on top of the other. That was a
    Canadian hockey showcase. All this brings me to the Gophers and OSU. Another series
    that could have been exciting hadn’t the Buckeyes collapsed and freaked out. I
    could hear them all the way in the East yelling “mayday mayday”, it was not
    pretty when you had 5 OSU players covering 2 Gophers in front of the net like
    it was a 5on3 PP while the other 3 Minnesota players were wide open. This
    brought me to the conclusion that unless OSU finds a way to stay strong during
    pressure and start their plays out from defense to offense, the polls will look
    more like the top 3 (Minnesota, Cornell and BU) and then everyone else that don’t
    even come close.

    If women’s hockey has thought me
    something is that you can’t really rely too much on pairwise this soon. Reason
    number 1 is: You NEVER know when the players will actually show up to play and
    win on most teams. Perfect proof of this is BC. The 3rd period of
    the Saturday game was painful to watch. It seemed like the team just wanted it
    to be over and go back to the heights. I don’t have a nicer way to put it as to
    how bad it looked. Then comes Sunday and the coin just turns, now we have the
    talent playing up to their level and showing UNH why they were picked 1st
    on the hockey east preseason poll. In my opinion that squad needs to be put in
    the same place BU was last year (at the bottom) and make them earn their way to
    the top. Perhaps then players will actually want to win not just show up. It
    doesn’t help when the team’s Captain gets sent to the box 3 times for
    unnecessary penalties.

    While the season still has a long
    way to go, so far I don’t see anyone on the WCHA giving a challenge to
    Minnesota unless things go really wrong for the squad. The only 2 teams that
    can possibly challenge them are Cornell or BU.


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