Weekend picks: March 2

It’s the final weekend of the NCHC regular season, and only one of the first-round series is actually set. We know Denver and Minnesota Duluth will be home for the first round, but we don’t know who they will play, or who the final home ice team is.

Last week, I gained another game on Matthew, going 4-3-1 (.562) while he went 3-4-1 (.437). On the year, I am 94-55-21 (.614), while Matthew is 89-60-21 (.585)

Friday-Saturday, March 2-3

Western Michigan at Colorado College
Candace: I don’t have any confidence in the reeling Broncos. Colorado College 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: I could be very wrong on this, but it wouldn’t stun me if CC sweeps this series. Both games should be close, though. Colorado College 3-2, 3-2

Miami at Denver
Candace: Ryan Larkin has bedeviled Denver, but I like the Pioneers to sweep. Denver 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: A sweep for the Pios here seems the most likely result. Denver 3-1, 3-1

No. 14 Omaha at No. 7 Minnesota Duluth
Candace: This one is really tough. Omaha is an explosive team, but I think Duluth will want to send a message, just in case this ends up being a first-round series. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: Omaha’s 4-10 on the road this year and this is a series where they could really use a couple of wins. I don’t know if the Mavericks will get more than one. Split. Omaha 3-2, Minnesota Duluth 4-2

No. 1 St. Cloud State at No. 13 North Dakota
Candace: North Dakota will be absolutely desperate. However, I’m going with St. Cloud, mainly because North Dakota hasn’t been able to win on a Friday. St. Cloud State 4-3, 4-2
Matthew: UND needs a win to finally lock up home ice for the playoffs, and I think the Hawks will get it, but it’s not like SCSU has nothing to play for. Split. North Dakota 3-1, St. Cloud State 3-2


  1. “North Dakota can still flip the PairWise comparison with Wisconsin,
    despite losing three of four games head-to-head with the Badgers. The
    RPI margin is tight, and a sweep in Duluth may prove to be enough. That
    would likely produce an equal number of PairWise comparisons won for
    Wisconsin, Northeastern, and UND, and because UND would have the highest
    RPI in this theoretical model, it would be ranked higher.”

    Which then would make the WCHA semi-final #2 vs #3 between Wisconsin and North Dakota a de facto eliminiation game; the winner may or may not make NCAA as the Pairwise #8, but the loser as Pairwise #9 definitely wouldn’t.

  2. I didn’t watch the BSU vs UM weekend series but hands down
    to the Beavers for coming out strong against #1 close to the end of a losing
    season. While it may give hopes to any team that gets to take the Gophers in
    the playoffs, I’m sure UM will step it up particularly when they hear the roar
    of their home crowd.

    If NU keeps on playing the way they have they will be one of
    the surprise underdogs in the playoffs.
    In Hockey East things are pretty much setup for the top 2, sadly it will
    probably come down to a coin flip. While spots 3 and 4 can be switched in
    between NU and PC it won’t really matter for match-ups in the playoffs because
    odds are they will be the ones moving on to the semifinal and whoever they
    match up with; will be decided most probably by luck.

    I said it at the beginning of the season and I will repeat
    it now, when it matters Cornell will step it up. They do have some weakness on
    net compared to the other top 5 teams which may prevent them getting all the
    way to the NCAA final.

    Congratulations to Mercyhurst on their regular season win.
    Since the CHA still not an autobid conference I still expect some other team to
    step it up and edge the Lakers since they have no chance at the NCAA playoffs.


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