NCHC picks: March 20

Matthew and I had identical records last week in our picks contest, going 6-3 (.667). We only rank ourselves for games correctly picked, so even though Matthew picked St. Cloud to upset Omaha, since he picked it happening in three games, our record was the same. On the year, I am 117-55-14 (.667) and Matthew is 111-61-14 (.634).

Let’s see how we do in the final weekend. Look for our Saturday picks Saturday afternoon.

Friday, March 20

Denver vs. Miami
Candace: Denver looked really good last weekend against Minnesota-Duluth, while Miami struggled. This is a rematch of last year’s NCHC championship game, but I’m going with the Pioneers to win again. Denver 3-2
Matthew: I’m tempted to take Miami here, but I have a feeling that Denver will pull it out and keep alive its chance to defend its NCHC playoff title. Denver 4-2

North Dakota v St. Cloud State
Candace: Just to pick contrarily, and because I think St. Cloud’s motivation to get one win to ensure an NCAA berth, I’ll pick an upset. St. Cloud 3-2
Matthew: SCSU needs to win a game in Minneapolis this weekend in order to get into the NCAA tournament. If that win’s going to come, I think it’d have to happen in the third-place game on Saturday. North Dakota 3-2


  1. You could literally flip a coin on all 4 games. These are four teams that have the ability to reach the Frozen Four. Here’s hoping we all come out healthy and with no stupid suspensions for next week.

    • At this point, I would honestly think that everyone would be smart enough to do something to get a suspension. Crazier stuff has happened, but there is a lot on the line. Looking forward to being at these games.

      • Enjoy the games, root for DU in nightcap. Wish I could be there, will have to settle for CBSSN. Am planning to go to Regionals, ready for long plane ride back east.

        • We’ll see how long we stick around after our game. Not easy going to the games with young children…..someone (likely dad) is bound to get crabby…..

          DU typically gets screwed in having to go to the far east. I’m sure the NC$$ sees that they have to fly anyway, so why not just have them go all the way out there. Probably the only time I can remember DU being somewhere decent was in Green Bay about 4 years ago.

          • Planning on Providence if we win tonight. If we lose we will probably see you guys in Fargo. How does this sound for a Regional, UND-Denver-Minnesota-St. Cloud? Sure NC$$ would love eliminating two NCHC teams in one swoop.

          • It is their goal to get rid of the conference with the most teams as quick as possible. Have to get at least 1 of those east coast teams to the FF so they dont complain that they didnt even have a chance.

          • Do you think they will stick 3 NCHC teams in one bracket? I can see them doing it if 6 teams make it but they better have no choice in the matter. Playing another NCHC team first round especially if UND gets the top overall spot would be a hard pill to swallow.

          • I do believe St. Cloud will win one game this weekend and get in. If UNO falls into the 3rd band, this will be real easy for them to do. Unless the NCAA puts 2 NCHC teams in 3 regionals, it will be done. There is no way we will have the ability to play in all 4 Regionals.

        • I was looking forward to going to the regional…..then the boneheads at the NC$$ decided to hold it at an arena that seats 5,000 instead of an option 70 miles up the road that holds 12k…..weird….

          • Because it’s full of racist garbage that Racist Ralph made sure couldn’t be removed. I thought you were a Nodaker, Chockes.

      • Did you enjoy Friday’s game, Chockes? You live in Minneapolis? We should grab a Pepsi the next time I’m in town!

  2. I will be pretty shocked if UND doesn’t come out and win tonight. The teams are close but I do think that UND has started to separate themselves a bit from the NCHC pack in the last month. Again anything can happen in a one and done but given UND has the best goalie at the tourney (in my opinion) I think that UND wins today 4-2 and then takes down Denver tomorrow 3-2 (probably in OT). Here’s to some great hockey and keeping all of the players healthy for next weekend when it really counts.

    • UND can’t take anything for granted against St. Cloud. Teams “playing for their life” tend to be more desperate, while UND will be in Fargo for the Regional no matter what. McIntyre is having a great year but has the one weakness that St. Cloud can take advantage of, giving up rebounds. Both DU goalies will “eat” the puck and get a faceoff. I agree that UND should win tonight but you never know. As for DU, they must win tonight to avoid us meeting in Fargo.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that they will take them lightly at all. In terms of “playing for their life”, that can also work against a team because they try to do more than they can or should and get caught. I have seen UND play probably 20 games this year and I don’t think that McIntyre has any issues with rebounds, his rebound control is pretty exceptional in most cases. Obviously all goalies give up some but I doubt that anyone in the league thinks that Zane gives up much in terms of rebounds. Yeah I would not want to see DU or any of the other NCHC teams in Fargo. Just want to play some other teams, but it is almost a certainty that they will find a way to put another NCHC team in Fargo if they can.

        • That is for sure, another NCHC team in Fargo is a definite. It will probably be one from the 2nd band. You might get lucky, hope that UNO stays #8. Other Sioux fans have remarked about rebounds, just repeating them. I have seen about 7UND games on TV and have noticed some rebounds. What “hides” this is that the UND defense is exceptional at taking out their man without committing penalties. Just saying.

          • UND fans like to find just about anything to criticize because, as I am sure you have notices, we all know everything about hockey. I hadn’t heard that about Zane and when I look at other past goalies he is about as good as we have ever had in all aspects of the game so we will have to just agree to disagree on that one.

            Yeah I am sure you are right about another NCHC team in Fargo, it just sucks to have to play the same teams over and over and then over again. Would be nice to let them just have the brackets fall where they fall and leave it alone and if that is the case and Miami or UNO are #8 in the PWR then they should be in the UND bracket and I am fine with that, just hope it isn’t done for some lame reason like to help sell an additional 100 tickets in South Bend.

          • Got to believe UNO will fall out of #8. Quinnipiac and Bowling Green are still playing, can only move up. If Miami, UMD or DU, are in #6 or #7 spot after weekend I will be shocked if they are not sent to Fargo.

          • Going to enjoy this weather and get in 9 holes before Sioux game. Good luck this afternoon, cheer for DU tonight.


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