WCHA picks, 12/29-1/3

Happy holidays, everybody. Welcome to that odd time in the college hockey season full of traditional tournaments, nonconfernece showdowns and, for some, the continuation of a long winter’s nap. It all makes for tough pickin’. The action starts tonight (Tuesday) with the Great Lakes Invitational in Detroit, which has turned into a fun all-Michigan matchup.

Great Lakes Invitational

Tuesday, Dec. 29

Michigan Tech vs. Michigan State

Jack: The Huskies closed out November with a 6-1-1 record and, aside from a puzzling home sweep at the hands of Alaska Anchorage after that, look to be back to where they were last season. They’ve already come back against the Spartans twice, winning once in overtime and tying in the other game, and I see no reason to think that the Huskies won’t win a third time (probably in OT). Huskies 4, Spartans 3

Shane: The beginning of December was a perplexing stretch for the Huskies, with the two home losses to the Seawolves and the tie at Lake Superior State that put them on a three-game winless skid. But I agree with you, Jack, that this is a pretty good team, one that should get into the title game of the GLI. Huskies 4, Spartans 2

Northern Michigan vs. Michigan

Jack: The Wildcats are about the most average team in college hockey, if one looks at their record: 6-6-6 overall. As head coach Walt Kyle likes to say, not a lot of high high or low lows. They’ve been pretty even. However, they’re making their first GLI appearance since 1998 against a former CCHA rival that is playing very solid hockey. I think Michigan has too much firepower and will win their first matchup since the dissolution of the CCHA in 2013. Wolverines 4, Wildcats 2

Shane: It’s a pretty safe bet that this game will take more than 60 minutes to be decided, considering NMU’s eight overtime games thus far. While average is a good word to describe a 6-6-6 team (or evil!), I think there’s above-average talent on the Wildcats roster. Whether it’s enough to topple the 10th-ranked Wolverines, I’m not so sure. Wolverines 2, Wildcats 1 (likely decided in some sort of official GLI tie-breaking procedure)

Wednesday, Dec. 30
Third-Place Game

Jack: NMU and MSU also haven’t played since their CCHA days, but this is always a fun rivalry with some shared history. I think NMU will rally for third place. Wildcats 3, Spartans 1

Shane: I’m going with what I said above, only this time giving NMU the nod in tiebreaking fashion. Wildcats 2, Spartans 1

Championship Game
Jack: The matchup most are probably expecting, the Huskies and Wolverines met in the first round of last year’s GLI, with Michigan winning 2-1. U-M is probably the favorite but I’ll take Tech just because. Huskies 4, Wolverines 3

Shane: This should be a great game, and I agree, Jack, that Michigan is the favorite. Although the WCHA could use the boost in nonconference play, I’m going to have to go the other way. Wolverines 3, Huskies 2

Catamount Cup

Tuesday, Dec. 29

Lake Superior State at Vermont

Jack: I’ll admit it: I don’t follow Hockey East or the ECAC closely enough to know how Lake State will match up to either of their opponents this week. That said, I know all four teams participating are below the .500 mark, which means the Lakers have a good a shot to win as any team. Vermont is 5-12-2 and LSSU is 6-10-4. If the Lakers have another top-notch performance by Gordon Defiel, they could steal a win here. Lakers 2, Catamounts 1

Shane: Last year at this time was Lake Superior State’s highlight of the season when it won the Florida College Classic. Can the Lakers make midseason magic again? I say, Why not? Lakers 3, Catamounts 2

Wednesday, Dec. 30

Lake Superior State vs. Brown

Jack: Brown is just 2-7-3, overall, with one win coming against Colgate at the Friendship Four tournament in Belfast. They’ve scored 2.5 goals-per-game — which is slightly better than LSSU’s scoring rate of 2.0 goals-per game. So I expect a low-scoring one here. Brown 2, Lakers 1

Shane: There probably won’t be many goals scored in that whole event, one of the plagues on the WCHA and college hockey, in general this season. I’ll stand by my statement above: Midseason Magic for Lake State. Lakers 1, Bears 0

Western Michigan at Bowling Green

Jack: The single game on Wednesday, Dec. 30, is the back-end of a home-and-home that started Oct. 13 with a 4-1 WMU win. Since then, the teams have gone in opposite directions: BGSU is still unbeaten at home and is No. 12 in the country while WMU is 6-10-1 and has struggled against the NCHC’s top teams. And although this isn’t technically a home game for Bowling Green, it’s at the Huntington Center in nearby Toledo, Ohio. I expect the Falcons to keep rolling. Falcons 5, Broncos 2

Shane: I attended an NCAA regional at the Huntington Center a couple of years ago. Nice arena. Hopefully there will be more people at this game than there were to see Minnesota State, Miami, St. Cloud State and Notre Dame in 2013. Anyway, the Falcons have gone nine games in a row without a loss. Make it 10 after this one. Falcons 4, Broncos 1

Alabama Huntsville at North Dakota

Jack: Talk about a rude awakening for the New Year. UAH greets 2016 with a nonconference series at Ralph Engelstad Arena on Jan. 1-2.  This won’t be easy for the Chargers. However, while I don’t think they’ll win, don’t be surprised if a performances by Carmine Guerriero or Matt Larose keeps them in one or both games far longer than F’n Hawks fans will expect. Fighting Hawks 4-1, 5-2

Shane: I watched the Chargers play in Mankato a few weeks ago, and they play hard. Good goaltending and no quit can cause fits for any opponent. But they’re going into a hornet’s nest (hey, Hornets, that would have been a better name than Fighting Hawks, am I right?) this week against the country’s second-ranked team and one that’s been rolling most of the season. Fighting Hawks 5-0, 4-1

Mariucci Classic

Friday Jan. 1
Ferris State vs. Harvard

Jack: Ferris State has lost consecutive games this season just once. That might be in jeopardy. Harvard has given up just 1.5 goals a game and can score some goals, too, with Jimmy Veasy and Alexander Kerfoot both in the top 10 nationally for scoring. Crimson 3, Bulldogs 1

Shane: As a USCHO rankings voter, I’ve liked Harvard since the beginning of the season, and expect the Crimson to win this one, especially with all of that skill on Mariucci Arena’s giant sheet of ice. However, Ferris State will give them a fight to the finish. Crimson 4, Bulldogs 3

Saturday, Jan. 2
Third-Place Game

Jack: I think Minnesota beats UConn (the Gophers aren’t great, but they’re at home for this one), but the Bulldogs will once again avoid being swept this season by beating UConn for third place. Bulldogs 2, Huskies 0

Shane: I’m with you on Minnesota beating UConn in the first game. However, I’m not sure what the rules are for our own wins and losses when it comes to counting the result if Ferris State does play the Gophers. I guess we just have to go with a W or an L, no matter what. Bulldogs 3, Huskies 2

Bemidji State at Alaska

Jack: The lone WCHA series this weekend finds the Beavers doing their first-ever extended Alaska swing. I assume the Saturday-Sunday (Jan. 2-3) series makes things easier on BSU’s holiday traveling, but either way it may take them some time to adjust. I think this can be a split, considering the two teams split in Bemidji in November. Nanooks 3-2, Beavers 5-3

Shane: This will be the first weekend of dark jerseys at home, the WCHA’s new mandate to — what? — boost fan interest? I’m not sure I’m a fan of this, but it doesn’t really change things for me. The Beavers are beginning their long Alaska trip to play both teams there, while the Nanooks are at home for one weekend before a long road swing that won’t bring them back to their own rink for games until February. I think both teams would be pleased with a split here. Beavers 3-2, Nanooks 3-2

Clarkson at Bowling Green

Jack: There are so many games this weekend we almost forgot about this series! This is a rematch of last year’s series in New York, when Bowling Green tied and beat the Golden Knights. Clarkson seems to be an improved team this year but I can’t see BG losing this weekend. Their home streak continues. Falcons 4-2, 3-2

Shane: The Falcons have an interesting schedule from the holidays into January with the Wednesday game against Western Michigan, this series and then another nonconference game against Miami (after first traveling to Lake Superior State). Bowling Green simply doesn’t lose at home, it seems, and I’m not ready to predict that they’re about to now. Falcons 4-3, 4-1

Last Week: Shane 1-1-0, Jack 1-1-0;. Overall: Shane 55-37-22, Jack 51-41-22.


  1. I am worried that Minnesota will beat Boston College and that will prevent a Union College vs Boston College final (If Union gets by Ferris). Since January:
    B.C is scoring 3.54 goals/game and holding opponents to 1.67 goals/game (22 games)
    UNION is scoring 3.95 goals/game and holding opponents to 1.66 goals/game (21 games)
    This year I believe they faced similar strength during this period. I believe that the ECAC was stronger than in previous years and down the stretch UNION faced the best of the ECAC while B.C., except for Maine, faced more of the weaker teams on its schedule.

  2. Dark Jerseys at home is going to increase fan interest HA HA, maybe some scoring (goals). Fans are tired of soccer scores. Bring back physical play, 3 on 3 overtime play. THE GAMES ARE BORING

  3. “There’s only one hockey east school in Manchester”

    Then you just switch hockey east schools, to a school with lowe attendance figures the last 3 years? Not sure that change makes any sense

  4. Why are we so high on putting Providence in Providence…that fan base barely shows up for their games? And why move the Lowell/Penn game with the BU/Cornell game? there is no point to that…Lowell draws far better than BU.

    • And , Lowell is only 25 minutes away from Manchester, practically a home game. That’s the best way to boost attendance there!

      • BU in Manchester…..happened two years ago……..aaaaaaaaand fans didn’t show up. Let’s hear the 1 or 2pm game on a Friday excuse BU fans….

          • BU fans don’t travel. The only fan bases worse (with teams to speak of) are Providence and BC in Hockey east. They’re all pink hats. If it’s not the stupid bean pot where they go to “check in” and take selfies, they dont show up.

    • Agreed James! Moving Lowell out of Manchester makes absolutely zero sense. Lowell has had the highest attendance in hockey east for the last two years (averaging nearly 6k per game). Having them in Manchester is a must for the NCAA…when Lowell played in the Manchester regional 4 years ago there was at least 5000-6000 UML fans there…by putting Lowell in Fargo the NCAA would be wasting all those ticket sales.

      • But those BU fans will make up for it…… ha ha ha. Pretty sure BU and BC fans have shock collars on that activate when they get outside of the 495 loop.

        • I was there and Lowell fans clearly outnumbered UNH fans by a large margin. Can’t tell you exactly as I didn’t do a head count but UNH was clearly outnumbered.

    • If attendance is a factor, by all measures, Lowell should be in Manchester – or in Providence at worst. Lowell has the highest attendance in HE – BY ALOT. BU doesn’t travel – the shock collar comment below is spot on!

      • Seriously? Lowell beats out BU for home attendance for a few reasons, but no HEA team has a better travel attendance than BU. As for the brackets, Moy clearly just made a mistake. He wanted 2 HEA teams in Manchester, not swap out one for the other.

        • ANY league with four teams should have one in each regional so if that league is superior they could have the Frozen Four to themselves without knocking one another out.

    • So Lowell, the highest ranked HE team in the PW, gets “rewarded” by getting sent to Fargo – and in the bracket of the #1 seed. While lower ranked BU and Providence, both with attendance issues, get placed at home? Are you kidding me????

    • Wow, you all beat me to this glaring mistake. Why in the world switch Lowell out of Manchester in favor of BU when Lowell has proven the last few years they go to these regionals in huge numbers due to close proximity. BU doesn’t travel at all any more and Lowell packs out the place. By exiling them to the west, practically no Lowell fans will fly out there and the attendance will drop dramatically at Manchester to boot.

      Plus what a diss to Lowell who is #6 in pwr and #1 HE team in attendance, no one can touch them in that regard and only team over 5,000 a game on average. This makes absolutely no sense and let’s hope when the NCAA releases the brackets and Moy still has Lowell out west in his final prediction, that he’s wrong for the second time in seven years.

  5. While the West regional will be full regardless, it would be nice to have some team that’s somewhere close go to it. You spent a lot of time and effort to get Providence a home game, why not Bemidji or Minnesota in Fargo.?

    • Higher number 1 seeds take priority over Minnesota for location. If they’re 4th overall, they should be going east with Duluth and Denver ahead of them. If they move down in the pairwise I guess there’s a little bit more of an argument for Fargo.

      • I’m not buying that drivel. As he says, switching any team is ok as long as it switches with the same seed. A 1 for a 1 or a 2 for a 2. . So if Denver goes to Manchester or Providence or Cincy, it’s all the same. I do agree though that Denver ought to play the 16 team regardless of where it is. I do not think that Providence deserves a home game for finishing 12th.
        If you put any of the Boston based teams there they would draw. It’s a big advantage to Providence being home.

        • Dismiss facts as drivel all you want, protecting the #1 and if possible #2 overall seeds has always been a higher priority that swapping within bands to improve attendance. There has never been a case of the #1 overall being moved farther than the 2nd closest regional, and putting #4 MN in Fargo when #2 UMD is also a drive really doesn’t make any sense. If Denver stays #1, they will go to either Fargo or Cinci. The only way MN will end up in Fargo at this point is if they fall from a 1 to a 2 or if UND gets back into the tournament as 4, thus blocking Denver or UMD from going there.

        • You must be new to how Pairwise and the Regionals work. There has NEVER, nor will there ever be, a #1 seed not sent to one of their two closest sites. The one thing the NC$$ does is protect the top seed. Additionally, your statement that Boston based teams “draw” is a joke. The only way they”draw” is if they play at their own rinks, never as much as UML does though.

          • Yeah, Lowell fans have quite the fun time at these regionals. The poor establishment Lowell’s official pregame was at in Manchester in 2013 didn’t know what hit them the first day and were woefully unprepared. The next day they upped their game and were still completely overrun, even more than the day before as even more fans showed up. Highway offramp was backed up a fair distance too. It was crazy.

          • If anyone should complain about being sent to Fargo it is UML, not BU/BC. Neither Boston schools will add any attendance boost to Providence or Manchester. As UMGC stated, they need shock collars anytime they stray from home.

          • Only irritated at the prediction. But Lowell fans will be livid if it happened in reality as 99% of Lowell fans would be screwed from seeing their team as besides player parents and UML staff, a small handful of fans would be all that would be able to go. If NCAA wants $$, they’ll keep Lowell east as they always have as it’s a guaranteed revenue and will help boost attendance to a decent level at either Manchester or Providence as BU and Providence can’t touch Lowell at regionals attendance.

    • Disagree. I think Duluth would be big favorites in that regional. East regional would be a tougher bracket and I’m an NCHC guy.

          • Nobody ever said that, don’t try reading minds. It was simply a comparison to the other regional that DU could get sent to. Cincinnati regional has both UMD and WMU, by far the tougher regional competition and rankings wise. Also, I know OSU is capable of a big game. I think a lot of UND (NCHC) fans would be rooting for DU, making it almost a “home” game.

  6. I am an ECAC, HE fan but you are not being fair to the Western teams. The Western teams always end up having to travel east. How about moving some of us out west. Fair is Fair.

  7. Absolutely surprised he doesn’t have DU out east…..was almost 100% certain that was going to happen as they “have to fly anyway.” DU fan will enjoy this bracket!

    • For personal travel reasons, I’d actually rather see them in Cincinnati because it’s a cheaper flight from Denver for me. Fargo is kinda expensive to get to.

    • You know me all too well, very pleased. At least there are knowledgeable CH fans in Fargo. The NC$$ had no choice at this point, DU to either Fargo or Cincinnati. One caveat, there are still three weeks left in the season, things can change drastically. If UND sweeps Miami this weekend, they will move to 13/14 and put either DU or UMD back east. Care to guess which will go?

  8. I still say North Dakota wins both games this weekend vs Miami and sneaks in. That sends all the #1 seeds to different Regions.

    • They need to do more than that to get in. They’ll also need to win the first round of the NCHC tournament. Miami is near 30th in the pairwise so two wins against them won’t boost them up that much.

      • To be fair they don’t need to be boosted up that far. With the SCSU situation right now they are literally one spot out of the tourney so a sweep this weekend could certainly move them up that much (depending on what the rest of the games turn out). But I agree that they almost certainly need to sweep this weekend but that is because I think best case is they take three games in the first round of the NCHC tourney and who knows what happens in that third game.

        • I’d rather have a few places in hand in case something weird happens and a some teams from outside of the top 16 (except WCHA and AHA) win their tourney and get in.

          • Yeah starting to look more and more like UND isn’t capable of getting that high. I really think their best case scenario is that they just barely make it in as a 4 seed. Plus then we more than likely get MN in the first round and that works for me.

          • Could be a 3 seed with everything going right. But usually when everything goes the way we’d like (Saturday) we shoot ourselves in the foot and go backwards. Making it to the Minneapolis tournament should get us in the show and even winning a game there would be great. I’m not overly confident, though. Have to win Friday, first.

    • Even if North Dakota sweeps this weekend, the best they can possibly be in Pairwise is 10th and they could be as bad off as 15th. Take look at Jim Dahl’s new “Pairwise by wins” feature on his blog. One of the handiest things I have ever seen rolled out for this time of year in college hockey.

      North Dakota, Omaha, and SCSU’s respective Pairwise fates are all almost certainly going to hinge on what happens in the NCHC conference tourney.

      • Two of these teams are going to meet in the first round of the playoffs, unless Miami sweeps UND and both UNO and SCSU are also swept. Then Miami would jump up to 4th place and hold the tie breaker against UND, which would have UND playing Miami again in the first round.

    • Even if they win both this week that won’t guarantee them anything. They need to also probably win the first round NCHC series and that will be a tall order with how they have been playing.

    • You need to talk a look at Jim Dahl’s blog and his new feature “Pairwise by wins”. A sweep, at best, gets them to 10 and, at worst, no better than to14.

      Then the conference tourney is right after that. A sweep this weekend would guarantee them absolutely nothing.

  9. Still unbelievable that Jayson keeps using the “attendance” reason for moving teams around. Maybe this year he actually should attend a Regional, he can choose which one, and personally witness the lack of attendance. From the press box he will be able to count the exact number of people at the Regional finals.

    • Remember this isn’t what he would do. He is trying to predict the selection committee and they seem to think (which past evidence shows) that they think the closer they can get schools to their home town the more attendance will go up. I am not agreeing with that at all and I don’t believe Jason agrees with it (just guessing as he can clearly see what the arenas look like on TV you don’t have to be there). Just a prediction of what the selection committee might do.

      Now if your issue is that the selection committee is just plain lazy and uses Mr Moy’s final analysis most of the time, well that might be true in which case we need to give Jason a front lobotomy of sorts that takes away his ability to count and thus negating the “attendance” issue moving forward.

      • He almost always mirrors what the NC$$ committee does in the final analysis. Jayson seems to know how they think and what excuses (attendance, driving distance, and they have to fly anyway) they use to send teams wherever they want.

      • This. Keep in mind, Moy ends up being spot on most years. The issue here is with the NCAA tournament format, not Moy.

    • this is still the thing that bugs the heck out of me – maybe its the teams or the fact that most people for some odd reason would rather follow the bball tourney – but i know for sure the prices are absolutely ridiculous and i wish someone form the ncaa would explain this

  10. I wish Moy was brave enough to explain why Denver is closer to Fargo this week, when it was “closer” to Cincinnati last week. The reason, of course, is that UMD is now matched up with Ohio State, and OSU is probably the best case for Cinci’s attendance. It’s just strange that Moy claims this is about explaining how the process works, yet, something as big as where the #1 overall seed will get put is just glossed over.

    • Denver is about 1200 miles to Cincinnati and 900 miles to Fargo – that’s a flight in both cases, which renders which site they go to meaningless in terms of travel.

      • Meaningless is overstating it (Denver won’t get sent out east as long as they are #1), but that is generally true. That, however, isn’t the point. The point is that it’s a pretty important point to discuss, and Moy just flips and flops each week without mentioning it.

        • Not “generally” true, absolutely true. Overall #1 seed has never been sent to one of there 2 closest regionals.

          • What? Your statement really doesn’t make any sense. Unless instead of “never” you meant “always.”

          • Good catch, thanks. I meant “never not”, two negatives does equal “always”. You are right, wouldn’t make sense the way I originally wrote it. Number 1 seed always gets sent close. In the past, they have moved #15/#16 seeds to accommodate #1.

  11. Lowell led the league in attendance; no need to move them to help attendance. Lowell is closer to Manchester than BU as well.

  12. At least the elephant in the room is out of it this week. For months, Moy has been using BC as the Hockey East autobid which kept throwing things out of whack. Another key piece that’s missing this week is the lack of UND as a host team. And yet again, there is the St Cloud .500 rule to continue watching. So many scenarios that can still change the outcome on this. Omaha, St Cloud, or UND is going to get in there. One of them basically has to if 2 of them play each other in the first round of the NCHC playoffs, which is very likely.

  13. i hate to say this but as a union fan i just don’t like being in a bracket with harvard – but that said, if union wins that region they should fare well at frozen four

  14. With the inclusion of Wisconsin and Notre Dame this week, next year’s B1G looks to have 5 teams out of 7 in this year’s tournament. It might not be likely to happen with the Badgers hosting the Buckeyes in the final regular season weekend, but it’s still a remarkable possibility.

    • And that matters how? If they are all going to beat up on each other that doesnt mean the number they get in will go up.

      • Without question, the law of averages will bring down the winning percentage of teams with the inclusion of ND. My point was not to say that 5/7 will make the tournament in ensuring years. I merely wanted to show how the conference turned itself around after being criticized at their inception. The B1G schools have the funding and exposure (with their large enrollments and alumni associations as well as the tv network) to really enhance the collegiate hockey landscape in the Midwest. It’s optimistic to think that UofI, Purdue, Rutgers, or Maryland will garner a varsity hockey program, but the groundwork has been set to make it easier for them to do so. And ND is primed to join the conference in all sports down the road.

  15. If you are going for attendance why not swap Burrrrmidji and Canisius. Seems like you have a better chance of getting beaver fans in ND than canisius fans.

  16. Jayson had to have been drunk this week. He lists SCSU as number 14 in the list where he pulls in autobids BSU and Canisus but then inexplicably drops them in favor of Ohio State immediately afterward. Also, just glaring grammar (improper copy/pasting) mistakes are abundant. Also, Boston schools are a little bit closer to Manchester than Providence – why does he keep sending Harvard to Providence instead? Doesn’t really matter in the end, since MN would have to trek a long ways, regardless, but I’m just wondering what the basis is…

      • Yes, yes, I see it now. I’m so used to skimming past all the same old mumbo-jumbo in the top half of the article to get down to the seeding potion that I missed that paragraph. The rest of my comment I stand by, though.

    • No team with a losing record can get an auto bid and right now SCSU has a losing record so they would get bumped and the next team would be in. Just the way it is.

    • I do love that you wrote that Moy “inexplicably drops them” when he spent a full paragraph explaining why SCSU is ineligible, even citing the specific NCAA rule. It’s only “inexplicable” if you decide not to read the explaination.

      • Yeah yeah, see above. He should have bolded that paragraph or something to distinguish it from all the other info that’s the exact same week after week.

    • There’s transit (train) from Boston to Providence, there is not to Manchester. So most would consider RI closer than NH, because it FEELS that way.

  17. Minnesota and Lowell should swap places as the Gophers are the closest team to Fargo with a big fan base and Lowell put half the people into Manchester 4 years ago. The Riverhawks fan base has grown every year since 2013 and going out west would be stupid. I think North Dakota will get in anyway. The NCAA never thought that UND wouldn’t be in the tourney. Would love to see my Lowell team get another shot at UMD. Impressive how Lowell has been a great team without the big time draft picks that go to BC, BU, UND, ND and Minnesota. Seeing Wisconsin coming back is good for college hockey.

    • Minnesota cannot go to Fargo while Denver is there. Having two #1 seeds in the same regional is not something even the NC$$ can ever justify.

    • Well considering Lowell blew leads both nights to end up with the two ties and had won one in OT before the goal was disallowed, yeah, I think they match up well. They should have won both of those games. And it is nice to see Wisconsin on the rise again…maybe Lowell will give them another pasting like in Manchester a few years ago.

  18. UML is the top HEA seed, yet BU stays home and UML gets thrown out west in a bracket with the overall #1… seriously, Jayson?

    • Another thing that should make you happy is that UML draws fans better than BU/BC. Not sure that many will travel to Fargo, however. You should be used to the NC$$ not making any sense at all.

      • You’d easily see 5,000 UML fans in Manchester or Providence. Fargo is already sold out with the exception of each team’s allotment and Lowell fans would barely use any of those as they travel in large numbers only if it’s a reasonable driving distance. Keeping Lowell east clearly guarantees 1000s of fans at either eastern venue that they’ll lose otherwise.

        But these are nothing more than predictions and in the end, they’ve kept Lowell east in every regional they’ve participated in since 2012 so I doubt the NCAA would want to lose the revenue and fans Lowell represents.

        • You are right, nothing but predictions. However, if BU (or any other HE team) stays in band 2 or 3 then UML will be shipped to Fargo. Providence will always be in Providence, and BU will be in Manchester. WMU is “driving distance” to Cincinnati, albeit a 5 hour bus ride, so they will be the band 2 team there. It is a shame that the deck appears stacked against UML, their fans deserve better.

      • Yep. Switching Lowell out for attendance is a farce. Last home game of the Hockey East season with the championship and playoff seeding on the line BC drew 4306 at Conte, BU drew 5613 at Agganis while Lowell sold out Tsongas at 6580. Manchester is 30 mins from Lowell. No other team can put more butts in seats there.

  19. That would be a kick in the teeth to Lowell to send the #1 seed in Hockey East to Fargo. Lowell was number one in attendance in the east and Manchester is their second playoff home. Jayson Moy, You are a sorry excuse for a writer.

    • He has only been doing this for over a decade, has called the field correctly every time, and has picked the brackets – exactly – 5 of the last 6 times. If that is a sorry excuse for a writer, I would love to see what the hell meets your exacting standards. Oh wait, I think I know: somebody who abides by your own biased viewpoint concerning your own team, right?

      Moy is attempting to call a bracket based on rules that can contradict each other to varying degrees. He does not have an axe to grind with your team or anyone else’s team. All he is attempting to do is predict the regional assignments based on what he believes the committee will do – and he has proven to be better at that than anyone else.

      • I was wrong in saying “a poor excuse for a writer”, because, as you say, this not even a story. He is just vomiting facts about what he thinks the committee is thinking and not even giving an opinion. I stand corrected.

  20. 5-12 is all wrong. 5 would play 12, 6 would play 10(since it can’t play 11), 7 would play 9 since it can’t play 11 either, then 8 plays 11. Then figure out where to put each team from there based on the highest seed getting priority.

  21. “We would like Providence in Providence”
    No Jayson, YOU would like Providence in Providence. Having them there will not help attendance much if at all.

    • It is not Jayson that will keep Providence in Providence, it is the NC$$. Unfortunately, they keep them there every single year.

  22. Why throw PSU in Fargo to keep ND and WMU closer to home? PSU went 1-0-1 against Notre Dame and it will travel better than either WMU or Notre Dame that is for sure. Why? Because this would be the school’s first ever berth and it had a better fanbase than the other two.

  23. Why the obsession with getting Providence to Providence? They only drew 1876 last night to a home playoff gave and have averaged only 2497 per game in a nicely updated rink with 3030 seats. The last game they sold out was 6 weeks ago against – wait for it- Lowell!


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