Women’s D-III weekend picks Dec. 14

St. Catherine women's hockey (St. Catherine Athletics)
St. Catherine women’s hockey faces Wisconsin-Eau Claire. (St. Catherine Athletics)

Friday Dec. 14

No. 4 Wisconsin-River Falls versus Augsburg
Wisconsin-River Falls fought hard against St. Thomas, but fell short Wednesday night. Augsburg has had its fair share of exposure against top-tier teams and being one themselves, the odds of them beating Wisconsin-River Falls this weekend looks possible. As both teams will be looking to close the year on a high note, my bet will be on Wisconsin-River Falls. Wisconsin-River Falls 4-2

No. 9 Wisconsin-Eau Claire versus St. Catherine
St. Catherine ended their eight-game losing streak by defeating Concordia (Wis.) on Saturday. With that win in their pocket, the women on St. Catherine’s roster will be hungry for more wins. However, I’m just not seeing them able to beat Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Wisconsin-Eau Claire has been stuck in the bottom half of the rankings all year and with only three games left against top-ranked opponents, the Blugolds need every win they can get. Wisconsin-Eau Claire 5-1

Friday-Saturday, Dec. 14-15

Finlandia versus Concordia (Minn.)
Finlandia will be looking for the first win of the season as they play the last two games of 2018. The Lions have come close to claiming a victory so far this season, with several games ending with a one-goal differential. Finlandia will more than likely need to wait for the New Year to find a victory, as its highly unlikely that they will defeat Concordia. Concordia is currently undefeated in conference play and has four nonconference losses. The Cobbers should take these two games without a doubt. Concordia 3-1, 4-1

No. 5 Elmira versus Nazareth
Elmira has been struggling since the end of November, and it has caused them to fall dramatically in the rankings. Nazareth has been extremely hot lately, taking down every opponent who has crossed their path. This game has great potential to be close and is important for both teams, as it holds conference points. Elmira 4-2, Nazareth 3-2